Filmora 12 Free Download For Windows & Mac (v12.0.12.1450) (32Bit/64Bit)

Video editing has become a passion of millions of people across the globe. People wish to create impressive videos for their social media accounts and also for promotion. Some individuals are good at crafting memorable videos because they got the tool required for the job. Wondershare Filmora 12 can be the best program for video editing if you are also looking for such a tool. 

Wondershare has created and launched many feature-rich and user-friendly software to support users’ creative endeavors. Filmora has been one of the top-rated software programs launched by this company. Continue reading to find out more about Filmora 12. 

Filmora 12 PC Software Download

Name Filmora 12
Initial Release Date
Microsoft Windows
Video Editor
Category Development > Video Editor

What is Filmora 12?

Filmora 12 is a video editor software developed and published by Wondershare. It has been the recipient of many accolades that only top-rated programs receive. It helps users in crafting captivating videos on their Windows PCs. You can produce mesmerising clips with minimal inputs. 

Anyone with a regular Windows or macOS PC can download and run this program. You can try it for free and test this tool before switching to a premium version. Your Insta account will be equipped with many top-class videos if you try Filmora 12 for video editing. 

Wondershare Filmora 12 Features

The following features make Filmora 12 the best video editing tool for everyone:

Filmora 12 Free Download

  • Multiple platform support

This program runs smoothly on several platforms. Install this tool on your PC, edit videos, and then move to your iPad to continue editing. You can edit videos on the go and post them on any website within a few minutes. 

You get access to the Filmora Workspace cloud to store edited videos. Access Wondershare’s cloud space from your phone and publish videos whenever you want. 

Filmora 12 Free Download

  • Collaboration with top video editors 

You can work with many skilled video editors and reviewers on Filmora 12. This program offers a secure channel to share new projects with a team of editors. Users can add time-coded remarks on edited videos to review your work. 

You can share tips with beginners to help them become better video editors. Besides, you can share the cloud space with your team to work simultaneously on a new project and produce impactful videos.

  • Better keyframing 

Filmora 12 makes keyframing a piece of cake for video editors. It is an essential feature that every user seeks in an advanced video editing tool. You can use Filmora to keyframe from the beginning to the end. You can animate any specific scene by adding filters, effects, and correct colors.  

The latest version of this tool provides users with an Enhanced Keyframing option. Use that feature to make every scene look remarkable in your videos. 

  • Adjustment Layer

Users are praising Filmora’s adjustment layer feature. Only Filmora 12 offers this feature. Use this feature to include an adjustment layer in your videos. Whatever changes you make to the adjustment layer, Filmora will apply that correction to the entire video. 

  • AI audio stretch

Wondershare always tries to improve the performance of its software. Filmora 12 got a super handy feature and it is known as Audio Stretch. You can stretch the audio and make it last until the video lasts. It will not affect the background music and you will have a perfect video. 

  • Audio Denoise 

The Audio Denoise feature offered by Filmora 12 can be pretty useful, especially when you want to cut unwanted noises. This AI-powered feature can reduce hubbub so that your audio sounds crisp and impressive. 


Wondershare Filmora 12 is available for free. It is way better than ordinary video editing tools available for mobile users. Download and use Filmora to craft eye-grabbing videos with jaw-dropping effects for your clients and followers.

Filmora 12 Free Download

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