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Bengali is the 6th most-spoken language in the world. Over 282 million people speak Bangla and yet there was no dedicated tool to type that language. People always demanded user-friendly and well-functioning software to type in the Bangla language. Most of them chose Bijoy Bayonno to write documents in the Bangla language. 

Devendra Joshi created Bijoy Bayanno in the 80s and it was later developed by Mustafa Jabbar. Mustafa is a Bangladeshi journalist, who created a keyboard layout for the software. This program became the first choice for typing news, articles, and other content in the native Bangla-speaking regions of India and Bangladesh. 

Bijoy Bayanno PC Software Download

Name Bijoy Bayanno
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Microsoft Windows
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The Most Popular Bangla Typing Keyboard

Bijoy Bayanno is a widely used Bangla Typing software. You can access all the Bengali fonts through this program and create appealing content in the native Bengali language. Millions of Indians from the Indian state of West Bengal and Bangladesh are using this program for Bangla typing. It is super user-friendly and easily accessible on the internet. 

Users can type both English and Bengali languages through Bijoy Bayanno. First, you have to switch the keyboard application installed on your computer. Make Bijoy software your primary typing tool. Now, press “shift+Alt+B” to start typing Bangla. Type the same command if you want to type English again. 

It is a well-crafted program with many features you won’t find in other Bangla typing tools. Continue reading to learn about Bijoy Bayanno’s top features:

Bijoy Bayanno Free

  • A perfect keyboard layout

Bijoy Bayanno is a powerful program for Bangla speakers. It provides a flawless keyboard layout to master Bangla typing. You get all the fonts and keys required to create impressive documents in the Bengali language. Learn key layout and master it to become a skilled Bangla writer.

  Bijoy Bayanno Free

  • Intuitive user interface

Developers have consistently improved the Bijoy Bayanno Bangla typing software. Its user interface improved with time and beginners got more support to type efficiently. The latest version of this Bengali typing keyboard is super user-friendly. All features are accessible through the program and you can use them while typing. 

The main window features two sections, a toolbar and an editing area. You can create all the documents in the text editing section and access the required tools from the toolbar. Even newbies can learn typing through that intuitive interface and become skilled typists. 

  • Extremely useful

Demands for skilled Bangla typists are high. Many organizations search for talented typists, who can type their native language efficiently. Bijoy Bayanno provides the support newbies need to master Bangla typing on a PC. 

It is pretty easy to create a new document through this program. Choose the new document option and you are all set to type content in the Bengali language. This keyboard comes with many text editing features. You can highlight and bold certain words to focus on important texts and convey the message properly. 

  • Change document format

This Bangla typing program can produce documents in any popular format you want. It produces documents in RTF, PDF, HTML, and TXT formats. You can produce PDF files directly through the Bijoy Bayanno program and publish them on your website or other digital platforms. 

  • Affordable and reliable

You can buy Bijoy Bayanno at an affordable price online. It will take just a few minutes to download because it is a lightweight program. The tool itself guides the user for proper installation and then you can launch it to start typing Bangla. 


Many software development firms have produced programs to promote typing in their native languages. Bijoy Bayanno has been around since 1980. It is a much improved Bengali typing program than it was in the past. You will get regular updates with better features to type effortlessly on your PC.

Bijoy Bayanno Free

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