FL Studio 21 Download For Windows (32Bit/64Bit) (v21.0.3.3517)

Whether you are a skilled musician or just a beginner, you must have a digital audio workstation (DAW) on your PC. A feature-rich program can help you in honing your music composing skills. You can perform multitrack recording, MIDI sequencing, real-time audio processing, and equip your tunes with amazing effects. Which DAW you should get to access all those features?

Try the FL Studio 21. This digital audio workstation got impressive reviews and features every musician demands. It has been around since 1997 and many skilled musicians have used it to produce music. Continue reading to learn more about the latest version of the FL Studio DAW.

FL Studio 21 PC Software Download

Name FL Studio 21
Initial Release Date 18 December 1997
macOS, Windows
Audio Workstation
Category Development > Audio Workstation

What is FL Studio 21?

Formerly known as FruityLoops, the FL Studio is the most trusted digital audio workstation. Image-Line is a Belgian company that has created this feature-rich program. It comes with a user-friendly graphical UI and pattern-based music sequencer. You can download it on your macOS or Windows PC to start composing music. 

The FL Studio 21 supports effortless and faster audio editing. You get much better control over the mood with better content discovery and more creative tools for music editing. Existing users can upgrade to the latest version for free and new buyers can get this program at affordable rates. 

FL Studio 21 Key Features

The new variant comes with many appealing features, such as:

  • Audio Clips

The new version offers integrated envelopes with fade in/out. You get automated crossfades and accurate level control. Add built-in audio clips to your music to make it sound more amazing and entertaining. 

  • Themes

You can change the contrast, hue, brightness, metering, highlights, and step color. Set up the program the way you like to use it. Change the backdrop of the DAW and choose a theme that soothes your eyes. 

  • Browser

This program comes with a browser through which you can manage all your files. It helps you in managing plugins, samples, and projects effortlessly. The new version comes with an upgraded browser. Fast search, tagging, download management, and online content search are some appealing features of the new browser in FL Studio 21

  • Luxeverb

It is the most feature-rich reverb created specifically for the FL Studio. Access it for free with the new version. 

  • Vintage phaser

It is a precisely modelled phaser on the 80’s classic. It is the same vintage phaser that Jean-Michelle Jarre had used on Oxygene. 

  • Multiband delay

The latest variant provides users with a 16-frequency band delay. It comes with independent controls. Professionals have praised it as a truly unique feature that they often use for sound design. 

  • VFX Sequencer 

It is a state-of-the-art step sequencer. You can use it to transform chords into appealing phrases. 

  • Multilingual support

You can switch to German, Spanish, and Chinese languages from English in the FL Studio 21. Now, you can compose music smoothly without struggling to understand the tips and buttons featured on the screen. 

Why Should You Buy the FL Studio 21?

There are many feature-rich digital audio workstations, but FL Studio is the best among them. This program has been around for 26 years and it has helped many skilled musicians gain name and fame. 

Buy the FL Studio 21 now and you will have access to new variants for free. Image Line allows existing users to upgrade to the new version for free. You get lifetime access to the program and that’s a huge advantage for beginners. Its mobile version is also available for users, who do not use a laptop or PC to create music. 


FL Studio 21 is a remarkable tool for musicians, who wish to compose rich and appealing music. It is an affordable program with many useful features. Buy it now if you wish to try the most advanced DAW!

FL Studio 21 Download

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