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File sharing has become much easier than it was ever before. People share pictures, videos, music, documents, and some other heavy files over smartphones and PCs. Most users use messaging apps or connect their devices to a local network to share files from Zapya Download. Advanced file-sharing apps eliminate the need for a network to provide a smooth file-sharing experience. 

Zapya is an advanced file-sharing app designed to help users share all sorts of files without an internet connection. You do not need to connect your device to the network or a PC to share large files. Zapya will do it for you and it is pretty fast!

Zapya PC Software Download

Name Zapya
Initial Release Date 2012
File Sharing
Category Development > File Sharing

What is the Zapya App?

Dewmobile Inc. has developed the Zapya app to offer a better peer-to-peer file-sharing experience. This app allows users to transfer multiple files of any size they want. It does not require an internet connection to share files. Therefore, millions of users are using this app to share data. 

Dewmobile, Inc. created the Kuai Ya app in Silicon Valley, California. This app was launched for Chinese users in 2012. Since it was a feature-rich application, its demands increased in neighbouring countries, such as Pakistan and Myanmar as well. The user base grew exponentially and then Dewmobile decided to launch a global version of the app. 

The new app became Zapya and Dewmobile published that application on Google Play Store and Apple Store. This application complies with the policies of the Apple Store and Google Play Store. It got millions of active users and they all admire the performance and features of this app. 

Key Features of the Zapya App

The following features make Zapya a reliable platform to share files:

Offline and online file sharingThe Zapya app allows users to share files offline and online. Open the app and choose the files you want to share. Pick a mode of file transfer and connect with the recipient through the app to share the chosen files. It will send those files rapidly to save your time. 

Zapya Download

  • Bulk file transfer

You can transfer any file you have on your device through Zapya. This application supports sharing applications, photos, videos, mobiles, music, documents, PDFs, and other files. It is fast and pretty efficient when it comes to sharing files without reducing their quality. Therefore, users across the globe prefer this app over other file-sharing applications. 

Zapya Download

  • Cross-platform file transfer

Dewmobile has created this application for various platforms. It works smoothly on mobile devices, tabs, and computers. You can download and install this application within a few minutes on your Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices. It also works pretty great on web pages and Tizen.  

  • Blazing-fast file-sharing speed

Zapya moves data at 10MB/second speed. It is 128 times faster than Bluetooth file sharing and you will admire its performance if compare with other file-sharing applications. 

  • Easy to connect with other devices

You just need to shake both mobile phones at the same to connect them through the Zapya app. That’s how simple it is to connect and share files through this application. 

  • Rapid phone replication

Suppose you have bought a new smartphone and you want to transfer all the data from your old phone to the new one, use the Zapya app. It will transfer all the files stored on your old device to a new one with just one click. 


The Zapya app is a much-improved version of the Kuai Ya application. It is faster, more reliable, and safer than other file-sharing applications. Therefore, millions of users from various countries have downloaded this application. Download, install, and start using Zapya now if you also need to share various heavy files with other users.

Zapya Download

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