Parallels Desktop Free Download (10.2.1 DMG) for MacOSX

Online machine programs for Macs have undergone significant enhancements in the past decade. There are many ways to use a second OS on your machine. Your best choice is Parallels Desktop, a cutting-edge virtualization package.

Therefore, if you desire to utilize Linux or Windows systems on your machine, this is one of the applications you need to take into account.

Parallels Desktop Mac Software Download

Name Parallels Desktop
Initial Release Date
15 June 2006
Apple–Intel architecture; Apple M1 / M2
Hardware Virtualization
Category Development > Hardware Virtualization

What is the App about?

The desktop virtualization program Parallels Desktop for Macbook enables the operation of operating systems like Windows or Linux and apps on an Apple Mac system. The program enables the guest operating system to be seamlessly integrated into macOS, mimicking native OS efficiency.

This utility can be utilized to set up various Oses on a Mac. In this case, Parallels Desktop is a good choice if you intend to operate an edition of Microsoft Windows 11, or Ubuntu Linux on your machine via the internet.

How to use the App

Parallels Desktop works readily an you just have to follow the given options and use it. It is for Mac, which functions fundamentally the same as other virtual computer software. It can develop and execute an OS on virtual hardware using the Mac’s system capabilities. It is anticipated that the virtual world will operate much like an original gadget.

Features of the App

This efficient application has variant functions for Apple users. They are –

Parallels Desktop Free

  • Energy Efficient 

Although launching Windows together using the Parallels Desktop virtualization program, requires some specialized settings. It switches between macOS and Windows and is likely to be handled effortlessly, particularly if you operate the two platforms frequently.

Parallels Desktop Free

  • Impressive Integration Between Windows and Mac OS 

With the help of Parallels for Mac, Windows applications can easily integrate alongside the macOS operating system. This entitles you to copy and paste capabilities between macOS and Windows. It is therefore rather convenient if you wish to copy your password generated by the 1Password software on your Mac into Windows.

  • Coherence mode 

Using its Coherence mode, Parallels Desktop may enhance compatibility even more. You do not receive the typical fully simulated screen in this setting. Rather, only the programs that you operate through Parallels are visible while Windows processes in silent mode. This is useful if you have to use a certain program that only runs on Windows.

  • Customer Service 

The firm provides several solutions for any problems you might encounter when setting up or operating Parallels Desktop. The quickest way to solve a problem is to choose the product on the website for support, which takes you to an accessible resource center. However, you may reach out for assistance on different online platforms Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, or Skype whenever you need to.  

Parallels Desktop is an intuitive and reliable app. If your goal is to access the Windows OS in a MacBook operating system without performing terminal-based operations, the parallel desktop is a great option. It will unquestionably be of assistance if you need Windows or a different OS.


Is there any user limit for its users?

An honor, no cost, or sample Parallels Access membership permits connections to 5 different distant machines.

Who owned this Application?

Corel purchased Parallels Dekstop on November 28, 2018. It is founded by Serguei Beloussov.

Is Parallels better than VMware?

If you intend to access visually intensive software, Parallels is more rapid, however, Vmware is a decent choice.

Parallels Desktop Free

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