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JIRA is a common subject of conversation. You can read through our JIRA lesson whether you are an amateur who seeks to gain insight regarding JIRA or an expert who is interested in catching on their knowledge about the tool. Let’s start by trying to comprehend what JIRA Free is and the way it is used in real-world situations.

JIRA PC Software Download

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What is the App About? 

JIRA software in a nutshell is a project and issued-tracking software. It’s pretty much like an agile managing projects application for bug tracking and automated workflow. This software is very popular among companies that want to practice principles in their project management techniques. It is infinitely customizable.

JIRA software will allow you to find an issue in which you are interested. It gives better transparency allowing everyone to see their process. This component enables the entry and tracking of the estimated and actual time frame of a project.

How to use this App? 

JIRA Subdivisions of a task are sometimes referred to as modules. These are frequently used for splitting the issues within an event into smaller and attainable parts. Projects are further separated into modules, features, groups, and subprojects through the addition of structures, which are included in the components. You may compile data and reports depending on how you utilize components and display them on panels.

Features of the App

The famous JIRA Software has several features. Let’s take a look at them.


  • Authentication

Users are authenticated against the active directory. The option, ‘Remember Me’ provides automatic login when the user visits JIRA Software. It has a quick access to the software.  


  • Dashboard

Users can have more than one dashboard on the main page showing Dynamic information which is presented in texts or graphics. A group can share a dashboard to track the progress. It provides immediate access to meaningful mattress that helps to track the health of the project or the application and it also manages resource workloads

  • Project Administration

They control the entrance of the data, and access it what should be accessed. Without the intervention of the system administrator, they can manage who can view and amend problem handling directly.

  • Workflow

This software describes the process of a problem via verification. At first, it will begin by opening; secondly, they move through the stages of advancement and resolution and finally conclude. In case the issue is not fixed, it will be reopened and continued. The following component is that they can be both distinct and shared by multiple tasks. It can be straightforward and occasionally rather tough.

It is challenging to dedicate time to bug fixes or to manage a group that collaborates well. However, the JIRA application simplifies it due to its potent AI algorithms and flexible framework. Additionally, ensure that you know how to respond to its issues. Apart from that, this is a great tool for the company you run.


Who coined the concept of JIRA software?

Apple, Microsoft, Atlassian, and Mountain Peak together coined the concept of JIRA.

JIRA Software can be used for free?

JIRA Software allows you to utilize it for a maximum of ten users using our no-cost scheme, which also includes 2GB of space along with community assistance.

On which platform is JIRA installed?

JIRA is entirely Java-based; it will operate on any recognized OS.


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