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Given the progress of the technological world, it has also become easier for hackers to get easy access to our devices and data.

To protect our devices from falling prey to such malicious activities, Norton 360 would be one of the best choices to go with. What is Norton 360 and how to use it? Keep scrolling and know more about it.

Norton 360 PC Software Download

Name Norton 360
Initial Release Date December 1990
Microsoft Windows
Anti-Malware Software
Category Development > Anti-Malware Software

What is the App About?

Norton 360 is one of the best antivirus programs of 2023 and with good reasons too. It is effective in detecting malware and protecting your device from virus attacks, identity theft, and so on. This antivirus software does not affect the speed of your computer either. It can also be used on your mobile phone. 

It barely provides any false alarms while trying to detect malicious programs on your device. Norton 360 can detect malware in seconds and has been tested with various customized Nalvar programs as well.

How to use this App?

You do not need much technological expertise to use the Norton 360 app. Here are the simple steps that you can follow.

  • Open your Norton 360 main window.
  • There double click on the security options.
  • Click on scans.
  • The window for scans will now open. There, under the section of scans and tasks, choose the kind of scan you want to go for.
  • Once you click on the go option the scan will begin.

Features of the App

The application is known for its unique set of features. Sure, these are some of those unique features that set Norton 360 apart from other antivirus software available.

Norton 360 Download

  • Two-way silent monitoring Firewall

Unlike most other antivirus software Norton 360 sports a Two-way Firewall technology. It monitors the network traffic from both ends whenever you go online. It scans the network traffic that is sent as well as received on your device. This feature offers protection against any cyber-criminal activities and also once the user in case they treads upon links that might lead them to potentially dangerous sites.

  • Child-friendly settings and controls

The parental control feature that Norton 360 offers is an essential and crucial inclusion in the list of its features. This allows the parents to maintain direct supervision on the kind of content that the child streams online. Using this feature parents can also keep track of how much time the child spends on their phones or computers.

  • Norton Secure VPN

When you sign up for the Norton 360 protection package you also get access to Norton Secure VPN. This helps you in several ways as it practically hides your IP address thereby protecting your identity and location. 

Norton 360 is one of the leading antivirus software and it must be apparent by now why. It is a futuristic and brilliant piece of software. Starting from keeping your data secure to parental control settings, Norton 360 has got you covered.  


How safe is Norton 360?

Norton 360 is the safest Antivirus software out there. It owes its popularity to its unique set of features.

Are there any free services offered by Norton 360?

Unfortunately, you can only access the features of Norton 360 after purchasing its plan.

How many kinds of scans does the app provide?

There are five types of scanning processes that Norton 360 uses to keep your device protected— smart scan, quick scan, custom scan, full-system scan, and Norton insight.

Norton 360 Download

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