Adobe Reader XI 11 Free Download For Windows & Mac (v11.0.23)

The Portable Document Format or PDF is one of the most widely-used file formats for document sharing. All devices and operating systems support this format. It makes communication, working, and collaboration much easier. Most users chose Adobe’s PDF reader programs to open, read, edit, and share PDF files. Adobe Reader XI 11 is the best tool for PDF editing. 

Millions of PC and smartphone users use Adobe PDF reader apps to access and edit PDF files. It also helps users in protecting PDF files by restricting access. Continue reading to learn more about Adobe Reader XI and how to download it on your device.

Adobe Reader XI 11 PC Software Download

Name Adobe Reader XI 11
Initial Release Date
15 June 1993
Microsoft Windows
Category Development > Tools

What is Adobe Reader XI?

The Adobe Reader XI 11 became a standard tool for viewing and editing PDF files. The earlier versions were a bit slow, but the latest variant of this tool is fast and efficient. Many other PDF reader tools came and gone, but Adobe Reader XI remains the best among them. 

Users use Adobe Reader XI as a standard app for viewing and sharing electronic documents. Its free version comes with limited features. The premium version allows users to open, edit, secure, and share PDF files. You can also digitally sign and verify the authenticity of documents before printing them. 

Adobe Reader XI Features

The following features make Adobe Reader XI the best program for managing PDF files:

  • Integrates with cloud-based file hosting and sharing services

Adobe Reader XI 11 integrates smoothly with cloud-based file-sharing services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Upload PDFs directly to the cloud server and edit them with Adobe Reader. You won’t need additional tools or editing to carry out the required operation. 

  • Free access to premium tools is offered at

Adobe Acrobat provides many tools to create, view, edit, print, share, and manage PDF files. Acrobat, Acrobat Reader, and other tools are available for premium users. Those tools make PDF editing a piece of cake. You do not get access to those tools unless you are a premium user!

  • Cutting-edge commenting tools

Get Adobe Reader XI 11 with all its premium features. You will get access to advanced commenting tools for free. You will get tools, such as sticky notes, highlighter, underline, strikethrough, and other tools. Textbox and text comments are also available for guiding your employees. 

  • PDF document signing

Many people now use digital signatures while finalizing important deals. Those signatures are equivalent to real signatures done by users in person. The latest Adobe Reader tool allows users to sign PDF documents with their digital signatures. It authenticates the documents and helps to finalize deals without being physically present. 

  • Collaboration with the team

The User-friendly interface of Adobe Reader allows users to create, share, and comment on electronic documents. Team members can create and share documents over the cloud or through file-sharing apps to edit them. Adobe Reader XI 11 promotes collaboration for better productivity and quick results. 

  • Easy sharing

Users often use high-quality images of the subject with digital charts, and graphics to convey their messages through documents. The file size increases as you add those files to a PDF document. It can be daunting to mail those oversized PDF files. 

The Adobe Reader tool allows users to compress PDF files without affecting the content quality. You can also upload it to the cloud and share it as a link. You can restrict the access to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the file. 


Adobe Reader XI 11 is a must-have software on Windows, Linux, and macOS PCs. Smartphone users are also downloading this app to view and customize PDF files. Try its premium version to access more advanced PDF editing features.

Adobe Reader XI 11 Free

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