Download VLC Media Player (32 Bit/64 Bit) Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 (v3.0.19)

Every computer, laptop, smartphone, and tab comes with a default media player. That media player plays video files of all the supported formats. Since built-in media players have limited features and complex user interfaces, people often look for better alternatives. The VLC Media Player is probably the best among other programs used to play videos. 

VLC Media Player is available for PC users since 2001. VideoLAN updates this application frequently to add new features and make video streaming more enjoyable for users. Continue reading to learn about new features and functions of the latest VLC Media Player variant.  

VLC Media Player PC Software Download

Name VLC Media Player
Initial Release Date 1 February 2001
Media Player Software
Category Development > Media Player Software

Why VLC Media Player is a Trusted Alternative?

Users from all over the world have downloaded the VLC Media Player over 3 billion times. It shows how popular this application is among PC and smartphone users. It can play audio and video files of most formats. Experts call it a universal media player because it runs on most devices. Other media players do not match the support and performance VLC got. 

This program also supports several video and audio compression methods. You can use it to play Video CDs, DVDs, and online videos. It can also transcode multimedia files and run media files over computer networks. Those capabilities make this program the best solution for playing audio and video files. 

Some Lesser-Known Features of VLC Media Player

Most users know the basic features of VLC Media Player. Its lesser-known features can surprise, which are as follows:

  • Synchronizing audio and video files

Users often play video files in which audio and video do not seem properly synchronized. This issue spoils the entire streaming experience. Users wish to fix this issue and the VLC player offers the support to fix it. 

You can access the tools menu and then go to the Effects and Filters option to add audio effects or adjust the audio. There are so many audio effects and customization features that you should try. 

  • It plays audio/video files of all formats

New audio and video formats improve users’ audio and video streaming experience. Old-school media players support limited formats. VLC is not one of them because it supports all the latest media file formats. You can play any audio or video file downloaded from the internet. The VLC Media Player will stream your content smoothly. 

  • Access advanced controls

The new version of the VLC Media Player comes with advanced controls. You get an intuitive user interface to access keyboard shortcuts and customize your video streaming experience. Features such as subtitle and video synchronization and audio filters are new to many users. You can learn those features and customize the media player for your entertainment. 

  • Screen recording

Most users do not know that VLC Media Player also offers a screen recording feature. It can record the work you are doing or the videos you are playing. The screen recording option is available in the “Media” menu. The capture device option offers several capture modes. Pick a mode, adjust the frame rate, pick the output folder, and start recording. 

  • Video file conversion

You do not need a video converter program if you got the VLC Media Player on your PC. You can use this program to convert video formats. It does not require additional plugins to convert videos. Go to the “Media” menu and pick the “Convert/Save” option to convert the video format. 


The VLC Media Player is a one-stop solution for playing all audio and video files you got on your computer, laptop, smartphone, or tab. Get the latest version of this software and make it the default media player on your device. It will offer a much better audio and video streaming experience.

VLC Media Player Download


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