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People used to connect their mobile phones to a computer or laptop to share large files. Bluetooth enabled wireless sharing, but the speed was too low. Therefore, an improved way of sharing files was required and peer-to-peer file-sharing applications provided that solution. 

SHAREit emerged as the best peer-to-peer file-sharing platform for Android, iOS, and Windows users. It allowed users to share a bunch of pictures, videos, music, movies, show, and other files. It is a free-to-use application that anyone can download from the app store.

Continue reading to learn more about this file-sharing app and its features that appeal to millions of users. 

Shareit PC Software Download

Name Shareit
Initial Release Date 28 April 2013
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What is SHAREit?

It is a peer-to-peer file-sharing platform. It does not require internet connectivity to share data when both devices are held closer. Users can also access a variety of games, short videos, and other types of content from this platform.  

SHAREit is a cross-platform application that works on Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Both devices should have this app installed to enable instant file sharing. It was initially a part of Lenovo but later became a separate entity.  

Over 2.4 billion users have downloaded this application on their devices. It became the most popular file-sharing application within a few months after its launch. Today, most Android and iOS users use this app to share data without an internet connection. 

What Features Make SHAREit the Best File Sharing Application?

SHAREit’s following features make it the best file-sharing application:

Shareit Download

  • No limit on file transfer

It is pretty tough to send large files online, especially when the recipient is not in the same location. Cloud-based file-sharing platforms ask users to subscribe to their premium services to share files. SHAREit offers the same service for free. You can send any file you want over SHAREit for free. It has no limitations on file size or number of files you want to share. 

Shareit Download

  • Cross-platform file sharing

Smart Media4U Technology Pte. Ltd provides the SHAREit app for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Whether you want to send files to another phone or computer, you can do it through the SHAREit app. Connect both devices through this app and then start sharing. It will transfer all the required files within a few minutes. 

  • Offline file sharing 

You do not need an internet connection to share files when you got the SHAREit app installed. This app uses a hotspot to connect both devices to send and receive files. Thousands of users share large files, such as mobile games, web series, and movies through this app. Give it a try if you also want to share content in offline mode. 

  • Free video downloader

Most users know SHAREit is a file-sharing application, but it also works as a video downloader app. You can copy links to videos from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other content streaming platforms. Paste that link into SHAREit’s browser, find the video, and then download it in a few minutes. 

  • Built-in music player

SHAREit is becoming popular as a multipurpose app. It comes with an inbuilt player to play music. It plays songs in original quality and provides options to improve the audio output. 

  • Safebox

Do you have files on your mobile phone or PC that you want to hide? Download SHAREit to access its safe box. You can put all the confidential files into that safebox and password-protect it to prevent unauthorized access. 


SHAREit used to be a file-sharing platform. It allured users towards its fast file-sharing feature. Now, it got many advanced features for data sharing and entertainment. Download this app on your PC or smartphone to explore all those amazing features. You will find it much better than other paid apps used for data sharing. 

Shareit Download

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