Adobe After Effects Free Download For Windows 7/8/10/11 (v17.5.1)

Modern movies and TV series show present many scenes that seem impossible to shoot in real life. Video games also offer jaw-dropping scenes that appear too real. How do creators produce those astonishing effects that keep users glued to their screens? They use cutting-edge visual effects applications to create amazing visual treats for users. 

Adobe After Effects has helped many talented individuals in creating animations and special effects. Even though you have not heard about this application before, you may have seen its work on the screen. Continue reading to reveal what After Effects is and how you can use it to produce impressive visual effects. 

Adobe After Effects PC Software Download

Name Adobe After Effects
Initial Release Date
January 1993
Windows 10 (x64 only) V20H2 or later; macOS Monterey v12.0 or later
Category Development > Editor

What is Adobe After Effects?

It is the most popular 2.5D animation software. Animators, visual artists, advertisement agencies, video editors, video artists, video producers, visual designers, and UX professionals use this tool. Professionals from TV, Film, gaming, and web video creation industries trust this tool for offering cutting-edge solutions. 

Professionals use Adobe After Effects during the post-production phase. It provides users with numerous effects that you can use to manipulate images. You can add new effects layer-by-layer to turn a simple scene into an epic visual treat. 

Adobe After Effects Features

The following features make Adobe After Effects the first choice of visual artists and animators:

Adobe After Effects Free

  • Cool animations: 
  • You can get graphics and texts into motion through this tool. Use this feature to make the subject wiggle, revolve, rotate, bounce, flip, and more. There won’t be plain text at the end of your video if you got After Effects to add appealing effects. 

Adobe After Effects Free

  • Fresh presets: 
  • Are you tired of posting videos with plain titles and graphics? After Effects is offering a set of new presets. You can twirl titles, spin or rotate graphics, and keep users glued to their screens with the help of many presets. Top motion designers have created presets for this app. Try them to make your videos and movies look more appealing. 

  • Visual effects: 
  • Add dramatic effects to any scene with a few clicks. Get new effects to completely change the background and remove moving objects from the scene. After Effects can add impressive visual effects to bring a new life to videos. 

  • Tools to enhance the design: 
  • Pictures, designs, illustrations, and animations created with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro can get a lively touch with the help of After Effects. Try new motion graphics features that came with this tool to share a moving story with the audience. 

Can You Use Third-Party Tools with Adobe After Effects?

Yes, you can use several third-party tools to improve your workflow with Adobe After Effects. There are many ways to create eye-catching animations and visual effects through the base program. However, additional support from third-party apps will make your work look pretty astonishing. 

Professionals add various tools to After Effects to improve or complement basic capabilities of this application. You can automate some procedures to complete the work faster. Check the entire suite of plugins and apps available for After Effects to work more efficiently.  

Do You Need Training to Use Adobe After Effects?

Users, who are interested in adding visual effects and animations to their videos, should check Adobe After Effects tutorials. Many guides and tutorials are available on the internet. E-learning platforms, animation courses, and art schools also teach how to use Adobe After Effects. Learn this tool if you wish to work for major companies creating animations and visual effects for shows, movies, and games. 


Adobe After Effects has been around for the past 30 years. Creative people have used all the features of this program to display epic tales. You should buy it and learn how to use it to become a skilled visual artist or animator.

Adobe After Effects Free

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