Avro Keyboard Free Download (32/64 Bit) For Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 (v5.6.0)

Over 280 million people speak Bengali in this world. Thousands of newspapers, websites, and content streaming platforms publish content in the Bengali language. It was not easy in the past because there was no dedicated keyboard software to type this language. Today, many tools are available for the job and Avro Keyboard is the best among them all.

Avro Keyboard has been available since 26 March 2003. Mehdi Hasan Khan was a medical student at that time, who created this feature-rich keyboard for Windows users. He used Visual Basic to develop this tool, which later moved to Delphi. Continue reading to reveal some exciting features of the Avro Keyboard.

Avro Keyboard PC Software Download

Name Avro Keyboard
Initial Release Date
26 March 2003
Microsoft Windows
Category Development > Keyboard

What is Avro Keyboard?

The Avro Keyboard is a highly-recommended graphical keyboard software. OmnicronLab has created this open-source software for Windows, macOS, Linux, and many other platforms. The phonetic layout of Avro is also available for iOS and Android users. This keyboard software became famous across the globe because it is a Unicode and ANSI-compliant Bengali keyboard. 

You can get this keyboard software for free and use it for typing news, articles, blogs, stories, and other content in the Bengali language. This tool provides support for phonetic layout known as “Avro Phonetic” and fixed keyboard layout. It offers features, such as spell checker, auto-correction, and font fixer to help users in typing flawlessly. 

Top Features of the Avro Keyboard Software

The following features make Avro Keyboard a reliable tool for typing Bengali:

Avro Keyboard Free

  • Supports all typing methods

Operating as a system-level keyboard interface, Avro Keyboard allows users to type Bengali anywhere they want. Users can use the fixed layout keyboard, screen-based keyboard, phonetic keyboard, and other keyboards to type Bangla. 

Avro Keyboard Free

  • Two UI options

Many Bangla typing tools are available on the internet. Most of them provide users with the system tray-based keyboard interface. It is the only option available with those keyboards. Avro Keyboard is offering two distinct fully functional interfaces. You get the top bar on your computer and the icon on the system tray. 

This program allows users to pick one of the two suitable modes for a simpler typing experience. The top bar can become semi-transparent if you want. You can see through that top bar to type Bangla seamlessly.

  • Flexible interface

Avro Keyboard’s user-friendly interface had drawn millions of users. Both newbies and skilled typists enjoy writing using this keyboard. It seems more user-oriented typing solution than Windows Input Locale. You do not need to edit the system language to type in your native language. 

Open Avro Keyboard on your desktop and define controls as you find useful. You can also use it to type US English, UK English, Hindi, French, Japanese, and other languages. Make it the default keyboard to type Bangla whenever writing an important story.

  • Mode switching options

This keyboard offers the “Single Key Mode Switching” option. You can pick any of the F1 to F12 keys to switch the keyboard mode. You can also use the Ctrl + Space command to switch keyboard modes.

  • Keyboard mode tracking

This feature-rich Bangla keyboard can track keyboard modes automatically. This feature is similar to the keyboard management solution used by Windows.

  • Layout viewer 

Layout viewer is an essential feature for virtual keyboard interfaces. Microsoft did not pay attention to this feature, but the Avro Keyboard offers this tool. You can use this tool to view the actual image of your Bangla keyboard’s current layout. You can print the layout and share it with others on the go.


The Avro Keyboard is the first choice of many publications and news agencies publishing news, stories, and marketing content in the Bangla Language. Try it now if you also want to master Bangla Typing.

Avro Keyboard Free

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