Wake On Lan Free Download For Windows 11/10/8/7 (32/64-bit) (v2.12.4)

Wake-On-LAN is a computer networking standard that helps devices wake up from sleep mode on the same local network. 

Using WOL in your organization can be beneficial in many ways. It not only saves time and money but also allows users to perform daily tasks without needing IT admins.

If you are wondering how to use this tool or what features it offers, read the below post.

Wake On Lan PC Software Download

Name Wake On Lan
Initial Release Date
May 6, 2019
Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 | OS x86/ x64
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What Is Wake-On-LAN About?

Wake-on-LAN is a way to wake up a computer from a low-power mode, even from a distance. It’s been a standard since the 1990s, and what’s unique about it is that it doesn’t need a LAN connection.

This standard lets you access your computer remotely, allowing you to perform various tasks with ease. It lets you access programs, and data, and run applications smoothly. 

It’s cost-effective because your computer is in an energy-saving mode during this time. Plus, you can use programs like VNC, or TeamViewer, which makes file sharing within a company hassle-free. For personal use, you can transfer data to your mobile devices while your PC stays at home.

However, whether you can use Wake-on-LAN depends on your computer’s network card and motherboard. While Wake-on-LAN provides convenience and flexibility, you may not always want to start your computer remotely. In that case, you can turn off the option to avoid receiving network commands through Magic Packets.

How To Use Wake-On-LAN?

If your PC supports Wake-on-LAN, it will wait for the arrival of Magic Packets. These packets contain your network card’s MAC address and target the remote device directly. 

Even when your computer seems inactive, your network card must remain powered on to catch these packets. This means it consumes more power than when the PC is switched off. Magic Packets include the following details:

  • Subnet information
  • MAC address of the target computer’s network card
  • Network broadcast address
  • Information about whether a wireless or Ethernet connection is being used.


The main features of Wake-On-LAN are:

Wake On Lan Free

  • Group Your Devices

If you have many devices in your organization and want to wake up only a select few, you can group them using OpUtils’ grouping feature.

  • Real-Time Device Status

OpUtils organizes all your devices and groups in a tree-like structure, allowing you to see their status in real time. Additionally, you can view all IP and MAC addresses on one dashboard.

  • Automated Scanning

OpUtils performs automated scans at regular intervals to verify the availability of added devices. You can also schedule these scans as needed.

  • Enhanced Security

With OpUtils, you can assign different IT admins to specific groups using role-based access control. This allows control over devices, streamlines work among IT teams, and improves efficiency.

Wake-on-LAN Conclusion is a valuable tool that empowers users to remotely awaken their computers from a low-power state. Whether for personal use or in a professional setting, the ability to access and manage devices without physically being present offers a great advantage.


What is Wake-On-LAN?

Wake-On-LAN is a networking standard that allows a computer to be remotely powered on from a low-power mode.

How does Wake-On-LAN work?

Wake-On-LAN works by sending a Magic Packet over the local network to the target computer's network card.

Can Wake-On-LAN be used over the internet?

Yes, Wake-On-LAN can be used over the internet.

Wake On Lan Free

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