Final Draft Free Download For Windows Full Setup (Build 76.2) (v12.0.4)

If you struggle with your screenplays or have a hard time collaborating on outlines of your story then we have just the software for you. Final Draft is this software that can answer all your questions and dilemmas in the field of screenwriting and screenplays. 

We have readied a concise introduction to this piece of software. If you have not heard of the software before then this is a good time to get acquainted with it.

Final Draft PC Software Download

Name Final Draft
Initial Release Date
Feb. 2023
macOS, Windows
Screenwriting Software
Category Development > Screenwriting Software

What is the software?

Final Draft is a word processor which also helps in screenwriting. It is software that helps in team meetings when you are trying to discuss a particular screenplay idea or brainstorming ideas. Final Draft gives you that unified platform.

All your data and ideas get saved and automatically backed up in a centralized repository and can be accessed whenever needed thereafter. You can even use custom images and flow lines to make your representations more interesting and engaging. 

How to use it?

Final Draft has been one of the top choices of the professional screenwriting industry for a long time and not without good reason. One of the main reasons why it has been able to maintain its record is because of its simple-to-use and understand interface. 

Every step you ought to take to get your work done becomes crystal clear the moment you install the software. The interface of the software instructs you simply and easily what to do and how to do it. 

Features of the software

If you are just starting with a screenplay and do not know where to start then Final Draft is the best word processing software you could choose. Here are some of the features that make it a suitable choice for such a scenario. 

Final Draft Free

  • Automatic format conversions

Converting file formats is often a rigorous job since it not only disrupts the creative process but also takes up a lot of time at times. With Final Draft, you can bid this problem goodbye. Final Draft can automatically convert any given file format into the Final Draft format, making it possible for the user to start working on it then and there. 

  • Add time-codded captions

The word processor offers a subtitling feature that proves to be a boon for screenwriters. It provides coded captions and subtitles which at times serve as immense help for the screenwriter. 

  • Custom tags and multimedia attachments

Not only does Final Draft make it easier for the screenwriter to do their job, but it also makes sure that the screenwriter’s hard work gets represented properly. For that it allows the user to put in multimedia attachments and custom tags and even highlight areas that might require a bit more attention or brainstorming. 

Final Draft helps you not only to jot down ideas but also to visualize them. It offers the user a common portal where they can portray and share their ideas. If you are new at screenwriting then Final Draft will do a great job at the initiation stage of your career. 


Is Final Draft free?

Final Draft offers a free trial period when you can try out its features and see if the software suits you.

Does Final Draft offer speech to speech-to-script feature?

Yes, on Final Draft you can activate the speech-to-script feature.

Does Final Draft offer the auto-save feature?

Final Draft will autosave your file only when it detects that you have stopped writing or making any more changes for long enough for you to be “done” with that particular file.

Final Draft Free

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