ADW Cleaner Download Free For Windows 11/10/8/7 (32/64-bit) (v8.4.0)

If your computer is running slow or acting strange all of a sudden, it might mean there’s a malware attack happening. However, if your existing antivirus fails to detect the problem, you can use ADW Cleaner. 

This tool is made by a trusted company called Malwarebytes. While ADW Cleaner is a free option, it has a premium package consisting of more advanced features. So, if you are looking for a security tool to protect your computer, ADW Cleaner could be a good option for you.

ADW Cleaner PC Software Download

Name ADW Cleaner
Initial Release Date 2011
Category Development > Tools

What Is ADW Cleaner About?

ADW Cleaner is a user-friendly security tool designed to eliminate adware from your computer through a quick system scan. The program identifies and exposes any adware, programs, toolbars, and PUP/LPI that attempt to take control of your computer.

What’s good about the program is the interface, which is easy to use and navigate. Unlike other programs, ADW Cleaner doesn’t need installation. Simply double-click the app icon, and the program is ready for action. With just one more click, your computer can remove programs.

By adding ADW Cleaner to your arsenal, you can enhance your computer’s security. Download the program save it to your flash drive and protect your PC from a wide range of issues.

How To Use ADW Cleaner?

ADW Cleaner deals with a wide range of threats, but it mainly specializes in removing specific types of malware. These include browser hijackers, adware, spyware, and toolbars. It also blocks PUPs, even if they are not technically malware.

Using this program is simple. To initiate a scan, click the scan button on the main screen. It takes just a minute or less for the scan to complete, however, the speed can vary. 

If your computer is connected to the internet, ADW Cleaner will automatically use a cloud database.

If the program finds a threat during the scan, it will display it in the scan results, giving you the chance to delete it. The scan results are saved as a log file and in the Log Files section. You can open those files by double-clicking on them.


ADW Cleaner stands out from other security tools because of its features, which include:

ADW Cleaner Download

  • Adware Removal

ADW Cleaner proves to help detect and remove adware, which may cause unwanted ads and browser behavior.

  • PUP Removal

Although PUP is not malware, it can be identified and removed by the program.

  • Fast Scanning

ADW Cleaner is extremely fast when it comes to running security scans on a computer. It scans the system to identify potential threats.

  • No Installation

The best thing about this program is that it can be used without installation. Just run it from its executable file and you are good to go.

ADW Cleaner is a powerful security tool that excels at eliminating adware, and other threats. Plus, it is accessible for users of all experience levels. By using this program, you can elevate your computer’s security, and maintain its performance, while protecting your data.


Is ADW Cleaner free?

ADW Cleaner has a free plan.

Is ADW Cleaner portable software?

Yes, ADW Cleaner is portable software, meaning you can put it on a USB drive.

Can ADW Cleaner remove adware?

Yes, ADW Cleaner can identify and remove adware from users’ systems.

ADW Cleaner Download

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