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DNS clients are essential to resolve DNS requests through external servers. Users, who understand how cutting-edge networking systems work, know that standard DNS protocols may get frustrating. DNS may fail to meet demands related to modern networking solutions, such as flexibility, security, and reliability.  

YogaDNS Pro 2023 PC Software Download

Name YogaDNS Pro 2023
Initial Release Date 2023
Microsoft Windows
Intercepts DNS
Category Development > Intercepts DNS

YogaDNS is capable of automatically intercepting DNS requests. It allows users to process all DNS requests over DNS servers defined by users. YogaDNS relies on flexible rules and state-of-the-art protocols to deliver solutions demanded by modern users. Continue reading to reveal how efficiently the YogaDNS Pro 2023 app can satisfy your demands. 

What is YogaDNS Pro 2023?

YogaDNS Pro has been introduced to resolve some of the most frustrating issues associated with DNS by improving its performance. This application has the potential to resolve hostnames over DNSCrypt, plain DNS protocols, and HTTPS. This DNS client can also carry out DNSSEC validation locally and remotely. 

This DNS client automatically intercepts DNS requests to process them over user-demined DNS servers. It allows users to define rules for chosen servers and users can also pick network interfaces to resolve issues. Current users claim that YogaDNS Pro 2023 performs much better than other DNS clients, which fail to meet their needs. 

This DNS client significantly improves DNS’s security. Network administrators need this application to prevent IP leaks over DNS. Users need this tool to assign selected DNS servers to specific DNS names. 

How to Use YogaDNS Pro 2023?

Users admire YogaDNS Pro 2023 for its user-friendliness and simplicity. The installation process is pretty straightforward. You get a user-friendly GUI, an easily accessible menu bar, and a toolbar equipped with cutting-edge tools.

Many network administrators have praised the performance and efficiency of YogaDNS Pro 2023. DNS Servers, Rules, Clear Display, Screen Log, and File Log options are easily accessible on the toolbar. Assess your requirements and use the provided features to take full advantage of YogaDNS Pro 2023’s full capabilities. 

Key Features of YogaDNS Pro 2023 

The following features make YogaDNS Pro 2023 perfect a perfect DNS client:

YogaDNS Pro 2023 Free

  • System-level integration

YogaDNS pro has the potential to automatically intercept all requests going through system resolver and apps. Users do not need to manually change their DNS configuration. This app can perform that task automatically. 

YogaDNS Pro 2023 Free

  • Protocols

This app supports Plain, DoT, DoH, DoQ, Anonymized DNS, and DNSCrypt protocols. It can perform local DNSSEC validation. 

  • Flexible rules

Users can try this DNS client to define several DNS servers and resolve their issues through host files and hostname masks. You can also pick the network interface, such as Wi-Fi, VPN, ethernet, etc. 

  • Improved DNS security

YogaDNS Pro 2023 allows users to name resolution over secure channels offered by DNS over DNS over TLS, DNS over HTTPS, DNS over QUIC, NextDNS, DNSCrypt, and Anonymous DNS protocols. You can trust this program to verify the authority and consistency of the resolution. It efficiently prevents DNS leaks. 

  • DNS server management 

YogaDNS helps users in allocating specific DNS servers for specific DNS names. You can choose a network interface for DNS clients and log queries to find issues affecting system performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does YogaDNS Pro 2023 work with the latest DNS protocols?

A: YogaDNS Pro 2023 can make your systems work with the latest DNS protocols, including DNS over QUIC, DNSSEC, and DNS over HTTPS.

Q: Can I use YogaDNS Pro without buying it?

A: Yes, you can try this DNS client for free for limited time. You will have to switch to the premium account once the trial period is over.

Q: Is YogaDNS Pro safe and reliable?

A: Yes, it is safe and pretty reliable to improve security and performance of your systems.

YogaDNS Pro 2023 Free

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