WhatsApp For PC Free Download For Windows (32/64Bit) (v2.2333.8)

Instant messaging apps are the most widely used applications on Smartphones. Billions of users use various instant messaging and voice-over-IP apps for sending free messages and sharing files. WhatsApp is the most popular app used by over 2.7 billion users across the globe.

WhatsApp is available on most Android and iOS users’ devices. It offers instant messaging for free. Users prefer WhatsApp because it does not display irritating apps and it sends messages almost immediately. Facebook (Meta) acquired this app in 2014 and added many appealing features to this app. It launched WhatsApp for PC in 2016 and millions of PC users are using this app since its launch. 

WhatsApp For PC Software Download

Name WhatsApp For PC
Initial Release Date
November 2009
iOS, Microsoft Windows, Android, macOS
Category Development > Messenger

Is WhatsApp Available as a Desktop App?

Yes, WhatsApp is available as a desktop application since 10th May 2016. The PC client provides all the features of the smartphone variant of the app. You can download and install the PC variant of the app on Windows and macOS PCs. You can use this application to send instant messages and make audio/video calls through your laptop or PC. 

WhatsApp for PC operates similarly to WhatsApp Web. It synchronizes with your mobile device and fetches all the data from your mobile app. You can see all the messages and files shared through WhatsApp mobile. 

You need Windows 8 or later versions of the Windows operating system to install and run WhatsApp’s desktop client. It operates smoothly on all the widely-used macOS versions. 

WhatsApp PC Client Features 

The following features make WhatsApp for PC the best instant messaging app for laptop and computer users:

WhatsApp For PC Free

  • Better privacy

WhatsApp has won millions of active users because it provides the utmost safety. No one else can see your messages unless you share the data. Only the sender and the recipient can access the data and messages sent over WhatsApp.

WhatsApp For PC Free

  • Stay connected 24-7

WhatsApp’s desktop client can run automatically in the background like the mobile app. It will send notifications whenever you receive a new message or an audio/video call. You can pick it up directly from your computer and communicate with other users. 

  • Group messaging

WhatsApp’s group chat feature has strengthened the bond between people. Families, friends, colleagues, and co-workers are using this platform to share their thoughts. You can use this specific feature to promote your products, services, and stay connected with employees. 

  • Access to the latest emoticons, GIFs, and stickers

You may be familiar with all the emoticons, stickers, and GIFs provided by WhatsApp. All those things are accessible through WhatsApp for PC. You can access and share any emoji or sticker you like to express your mood and feelings. Third-party stickers and GIFs are also available for desktop client users. 

  • Switch to the business account

WhatsApp business is helping many retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers in finding more clients. You can switch to a business account through WhatsApp’s desktop client. Use it to accelerate sales, engage audiences, and deliver better customer service. This platform got millions of users seeking the services you offer. So, use it to expand your business rapidly. 

  • Cross-platform app

You can keep WhatsApp active on your mobile phone and desktop at the same time. Use any variant of this cross-platform app to access all your messages and communicate with other users. WhatsApp for PC is better than WhatsApp Web because you can access all the received messages and files without an internet connection. 


Millions of desktop users have downloaded WhatsApp for PC. It downloads almost instantly if you got a decent internet connection. Besides, it eliminates the need to unlock the smartphone time and again to access the latest messages. So, download WhatsApp’s PC client now and install it on your PC to use WhatsApp on your desktop.

WhatsApp For PC Free

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