Quick Heal Pro Download For Windows (32Bit /64Bit)

Quick Heal Pro is an antivirus software protection application that can be easily installed on your desktop. The application is primarily known for cyber security protection that keeps harmful viruses away from your desktop. 

The users can install this application without any hassle as it is compatible with most devices. It is a highly recommended application that can be used by anyone who has important files and documents that need to be secured. It is a must-try application.

Quick Heal Pro PC Software Download

Name Quick Heal Pro
Initial Release Date 21 April 2020
Platform Windows
Category Development > Protection

What is the app about?

Quick Heal Pro has various purposes and some of them are firewall protection, antivirus protection, anti-Malware protection, and anti-Ransom ware protection. Users who have saved more data on their desktops can install and download Quick Heal Pro to keep their system safe and secured. 

The application also provides security while inserting external devices that could corrupt your files. The application has multiple features and is quick in identifying phishing and other issues. The application also provides firewall protection.

How to use this app?

Quick Heal Pro is an antivirus software application that can be installed on any device as it has a user-friendly interface. The users can download this application only through a payment mode. The users can also try the application free of trial for 30 days and then install it. Quick Heal Pro application can be used by medium and small enterprises.

Features of the app

Quick Heal Pro has several features and some of the noteworthy features are mentioned below:

  • Internet protection

Quick Heal Pro is popularly known for protecting the desktop while browsing information. There are plenty of websites that are unauthorized that can harm your PC. Quick Heal Pro will identify such harmful websites and protect your PC from getting affected. This will help you retain important files and browse the internet free of tension.

  • Antivirus Protection

Quick Heal Pro protects your desktop from harmful viruses that might corrupt your files. The users can also extract reports frequently to check if there are any issues with the PC and identify them without any hassle. The application automatically detects potential viruses and helps resolve the problem in no time.

  • Firewall Protection

The application protects your computer from the latest threat that might affect your day-to-day work. Firewall protection is an important feature of Quick Heal Pro which can protect the firewall and secure the internet connection. This application is worth installing on your PC. The users may not find this particular feature in most of the applications.

  • External Device Protection

The application completely scans the external device that is being inserted into your PC. This will help detect viruses and scans your computer thoroughly. This particular feature will enable the users to insert pen drives, hard drives, and other external devices without any fear. This is one of the unique features of the app that will protect all your files without being corrupted. 

Quick Heal Pro is a great application that can be downloaded easily and used by anyone. The application can be used by both professionals and students to protect their files from harmful viruses. Quick Heal Pro is a highly recommended application that protects your PC.


What type of application is Quick Heal Pro?

Quick Heal Pro is an antivirus software application.

Can Quick Heal Pro be downloaded for free?

Quick Heal Pro can be downloaded only by making payments.

Does Quick Heal Pro have firewall protection?

Quick Heal Pro has several features and one of the unique features of the application is firewall protection.

Quick Heal Pro Download

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