OpenOffice Free Download For Windows (v4.1.14)

Apache OpenOffice Free Download is the best free alternative to Microsoft Office Suite. It includes six important applications including Writer, Impress, Calc, Math, Draw, and Base. Each of these tools is designed for specific tasks. For example, you have Writer for creating documents, Base for databases, Impress for presentations, Draw for graphics, Math for formulas, and Calc for spreadsheets.

It includes all the tools and applications that are needed in a modern workplace. The best thing about this office suite is that it is free to use. Plus, it is compatible with Office file formats. If you are intrigued to know more about this software, read the below post.

OpenOffice PC Software Download

Name OpenOffice
Initial Release Date 1 May 2002
x86-32 (32 bit Intel x86), x86-64, PowerPC, SPARC
Category Development > Open-Source

What is OpenOffice about?

OpenOffice by Apache is an open-source office suite that is widely used by educational institutes, public administrations, businesses, and NGOs to create graphics, spreadsheets, presentations, and other files.

It comes with an API that allows organizations to code their system in different programming languages, including Java, Python, and C++. It also lets employees export documents in various file formats, such as doc, pdf, HTML, and odt.

You can run this software on all the major platforms, including Mac, Windows, and even Linux. The only drawback is that it lacks cloud support. If you are willing to adjust to this drawback, then OpenOffice could be a great choice for you.

It is surprising to see that software like OpenOffice is available for free. Another good thing about this software is that it has no learning curve and a ribbon menu. Anyone who is not willing to spend a hefty price for MS Office can settle for OpenOffice.

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How to use OpenOffice?

To get started with OpenOffice, you need to download the software on your device. During the installation process, select the Custom option so you can skip the parts that you don’t want to install.

For instance, you need a spreadsheet, but not a document. In that case, you can deselect the Writer. Doing that will make the feature unavailable after the installation is complete.

Once the installation is over, you are ready to use the software. Since OpenOffice is a collection of different tools, each of them works differently.

Features of OpenOffice

OpenOffice is a great alternative to MS Office. It is an ideal choice for users who don’t want to deal with the complex files of MS Office. The main features of this software are:

OpenOffice Free Download

  • Variety of tools

As we mentioned before, OpenOffice includes a set of smart tools, including Writer, Calc, Impress, Base, Draw, and Math. You can use these tools as per your work needs.

  • Free, open-source

The best thing about using this software is that it is free. It means you can take advantage of all its tools without spending a single penny. Unlike MS Office, OpenOffice is open-source software.

  • Simple interface

The user interface is simple and gives you quick access to all the available tools. You can also place the icons on the Start Menu, desktop, or Taskbar.

  • Wide compatibility

Despite being free software, OpenOffice works with multiple platforms. These include Linux, Windows, and Mac. It would be even better if the software had cloud support.

For free software, OpenOffice offers a great deal. It includes all the applications that you would need to complete your office work. Anyone looking for a free alternative to MS Office can opt for OpenOffice.

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Is OpenOffice free?

OpenOffice is completely free to use.

Does OpenOffice have cloud support?

Unfortunately, OpenOffice doesn’t have cloud support. As a result, syncing information across various devices is not possible.

What platforms are supported by OpenOffice?

OpenOffice is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

OpenOffice Free Download

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