Mozilla Firefox 76 Download Free For Windows (v76.0)

Mozilla Firefox is a search engine browser app that allows you to search for anything you want on the internet. Mozilla Firefox 76 supports several new features of the web platform, such as the CSS scrollbar-color property, which gives web designers more control over how scrollbars look, and the CSS text-underline-position property, which gives them more control over where underlined text appears.

Mozilla Firefox 76 PC Software Download

Name Mozilla Firefox 76
Initial Release Date
June 30, 2020
Microsoft Windows
Category Development > Browser

What is the app about? 

Mozilla Firefox 76 is an updated version of the popular web browser that brings several new features and improvements. It is an application that is used to browse the internet. If you want to search for anything on the web, you can easily do the same with the help of this app. 

Mozilla Firefox has always been renowned for its dedication to this goal, and version 76 keeps this focus. Introducing an improved defense against third-party tracking cookies makes it more challenging for marketers to monitor your online activities.

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How to use the app?

Mozilla Firefox is very easy to use. You just need to make sure that you have installed it properly on your device. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Download the updated version of Mozilla Firefox from the web.
  • Install the file on your device.
  • Allow all the necessary permissions.
  • Launch it and start searching for what you need on the internet.

Features of the app 

Here are some key features of Mozilla Firefox 76:

Mozilla Firefox 76 Download

  • Improved Picture-in-Picture (PiP)

With Firefox 76, PiP has been improved, enabling users to watch videos in a floating window while performing other tasks. This function gives you an easy way to multitask while still watching your preferred videos.

Mozilla Firefox 76 Download

  • High password security

Firefox 76 improves password security by alerting users to passwords that may be vulnerable to hacking. To assist users in creating and managing secure, one-of-a-kind passwords across various websites, it integrates with Firefox Lockwise, the password manager that comes with built-in

  • Improved password safety

Firefox 76 improves password safety by alerting users to passwords that may be compromised or weak. It integrates with Firefox Lockwise, the built-in password manager, to assist users in creating and managing secure, one-of-a-kind passwords across various websites.

  • Better performance

Firefox 76 includes performance enhancements that speed up and make the browser more responsive. Your browsing experience will be quicker and more enjoyable thanks to its improved performance, which includes smoother scrolling and faster page loading.

  • Extensions toolbar redesign

The extensions toolbar in Firefox 76 has been updated to have a more streamlined and clean appearance. You can customize and personalize your browsing experience by having easier access to your installed extensions.

  • Improved developer tools

Firefox 76 offers several enhancements to the developer tools for web developers, including a new CSS animation inspector and a new Accessibility inspector. These tools help web developers more efficiently debug and optimize their websites.

  • New features of the web platform

These are merely a few of Mozilla Firefox 76’s standout characteristics. While placing a high value on user privacy and accessibility, the browser still offers a quick, secure, and customizable browsing experience. 

That’s all you should know about this extraordinary browser. It is supported on various devices including PC and mobile phones. You can download the app from any reliable link and continue further to start the download. It is very easy to download this application and you just need to install it correctly.

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Can you use Mozilla Firefox for free?

Mozilla Firefox is free to use and you don’t need to pay any charges to use this application.

Is there any paid version of Mozilla Firefox?

No, Mozilla Firefox doesn’t have any paid version.

Can you use this app to download from the web?

You can download anything you want from the web using this app.

Mozilla Firefox 76 Download

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