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Modern smartphones offer a huge space to save pictures, videos, documents, movies, and other important files. People fondly capture pictures, videos, and keep them stored on their Android or iOS devices. What if some important files get deleted and you can’t retrieve them? Is there a tool you can try to recover those lost files? 

Yes, there is a tool and it is called MobiKin Doctor. This program prevents loss of data by recovering the required deleted files from mobile phones and PCs. Continue reading to learn how efficient the MobiKin Doctor data recovery program is. 

MobiKin Doctor PC Software Download

Name MobiKin Doctor
Initial Release Date
Microsoft Windows
Data Recovery
Category Development > Data Recovery

What is MobiKin Doctor?

The MobiKin Doctor application specializes in data recovery. MobiKin has designed this application to provide a top-end data recovery solution that retrieves all sorts of data files. This data management software is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS PCs. 

It makes file sharing super easy for users. You can use it to transfer files from your smartphone to a PC. It supports wireless file transfer between devices and provides impressive data-sharing speed. 

Over 650,000 users have downloaded this program. They all praise it as the best data recovery app for both portable and desktop devices. Try it if you also wish to recover the lost data that you can’t retrieve through free tools. 

MobiKin Doctor Features 

The following features make MobiKin Doctor a reliable data recovery tool:

MobiKin Doctor Free

  • Retrieves all types of deleted files from mobile devices

You can use the MobiKin app to retrieve photos, call logs, videos, SMS, and other files. It can also retrieve the deleted data from your phone’s SIM card and internal memory. Rooting is required to carry out the recovery operation, but you will get the lost file. 

MobiKin Doctor Free

  • Recovery of lost data from the SD card

Did you accidentally delete important files from your SD card? Put that SD card in a card reader or your smartphone and then go to the MobiKin app. Select the SD card to retrieve recently deleted files and this app will find them for you. You can pick the required files and retrieve them in a few seconds.  

  • Get files in their original shape and format

The MobiKin Doctor app does not affect the recovered file’s size or quality while recovering it. You get the original file retrieved without any issues. It can retrieve your call logs saved as XML/HTML files. Access all the lost files and transfer them immediately to the PC to keep them safe forever. 

  • Create a free backup of existing files

MobiKin not only restores lost data but also creates a backup of existing files. Whether you install this application on an Android device, iOS device, or a Windows PC, it can create a backup for data saved on all those devices. You can preview the file before recovering it and then access its content whenever required. 

  • No data loss!

The MobiKin Doctor app got an impressive data recovery rate. It can restore up to 98% of lost data without any trouble. It does not cause data loss while retrieving large files. This program explores your device’s internal memory for all the recently deleted files. It presents those files within a few seconds. You can pick the required files and then restore them before they vanish forever!


Impressive success rate, capability of recovering all types of files, and fast data recovery speed make MobiKin a better data recovery program for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices than other free tools. You can take a free trial with certain limitations to test this tool. Buy the premium version when you are sure the MobiKin Doctor app will never let you lose important data from your mobile phone or personal computer.

MobiKin Doctor Free

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