Ivacy VPN Free Download For Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac (v6.4.0.0)

Apps and websites use various tools to track visitors’ movements. They try to assess potential users’ online activities to allure them towards their products, and services, or steal data. You need to hide your online activities from malicious entities to protect your interests. You need a feature-rich VPN tool to maintain privacy. 

Ivacy VPN is one of the top-rated VPN service providers. It protects users and provides instant support whenever users face technical issues. Should you buy the premium version of this VPN app? Check this review to reveal the top features and drawbacks of the Ivacy VPN app. 

Ivacy VPN PC Software Download

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What is Ivacy VPN?

Ivacy VPN has emerged as one of the most-trusted VPN apps for desktop, laptop, and smartphone users. It claims to offer the best protection along with some state-of-the-art features. Its streaming-optimized servers have allured thousands of active users. 

This VPN tool is consistently upgrading servers to offer better speed and protection. You can download, install, and run this program on several devices to protect your online movements. Several tests conducted by IT industry experts reveal that Ivacy VPN is a one-stop solution for protecting your network and hiding online activities.

Key Features of Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN comes with the following features:

Ivacy VPN Free

  • Top-notch security solutions

Unprotected devices invite hackers, data harvesters, and malicious web portals to extract users’ sensitive information. Those entities are always looking for users with unprotected networks. One mistake and you will lose important data or experience a huge financial loss due to hackers. 

Ivacy VPN protects users against those malicious entities. It offers a secure connection to explore the web. Hackers and data harvesters cannot access your data when Ivacy VPN is shielding your network connection. 

Ivacy VPN Free

  • Uninterrupted access to global content

Many websites and apps produce area-specific content. They restrict users from other countries. There might be many websites banned in your country that you may like to access. Ivacy VPN provides quick access to those websites. Geo-restrictions won’t trouble you if you got this VPN app on your device. 

  • Protect 10 devices at once

This VPN service provides some amazing packages. Choose a cost-effective plan and install Ivacy VPN on ten distinct devices. You can protect them simultaneously and allow your friends or family members to browse the web without any restriction. 

  • Split tunnelling 

It is an essential feature for users, who want to run a specific portion of the traffic through a VPN server. In other words, you can decide which applications will use the VPN service and which apps won’t have access to this tool. Ivacy VPN offers this feature along with several other advanced features. 

  • Dedicated IP

This VPN tool allows users to Whitelist IP addresses. This feature is essential for users, who wish to use a dedicated IP address to connect with a website. Websites cannot block the user and do not ask him to verify he is human when you whitelist your IP address. 

  • No risk of adware or malware

Users often download adware and malware programs on their PCs with other required tools. It is not possible to recognize those adware and malware programs, especially if you are not an expert. Therefore, Ivacy VPN does this job for users. It assesses every tool you download to find adware or malware apps. This program prevents them from installation and promotes a safer web browsing experience. 


Ivacy VPN developers have continuously improved the performance and features of their VPN programs. It became one of the top-rated VPN programs for computers and mobile devices. Its premium subscription package is available at discounted prices. Get it now and become a premium customer to enjoy premium services and top-notch protection.

Ivacy VPN Free

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